>>I have founded Beta phase project at minervatech.xyz currently worked on and focuses primarily on design and development of Integrated Smart Things

Aug 2017 – Current

Project Description

The project focuses on innovation by use of  Open Source solution both in terms of Software and Hardware for developing projects that are cost effective,energy efficient and easy to manage and update

>>Under the Integrated Smart Things I along with co-engineer team mates successfully deployed a real time temperature monitoring system using sensors for Commercial Aquarium dealer with various fishes some being imported

10th Sep 2018 – 20th Nov 2018

Project Description

The project uses open source solution for Software and hardware.It becomes really challenging to monitor the fluctuation of temperature in Aquarium which can be lethal to species.In this we have developed a real time temperature monitoring system along with alerts to take any action if needed like auto enabling temperature controller, also the project features plotting of data on a graph to see temperature during different hours of day,week etc which is also quite important


Classified website for medium  traffic initially focused on specific categories.

Oct 2017 – Jan 2018

Project Description

A medium traffic travel website has been developed by me with various features for posting ads of articles like electronic items,automobiles etc to be sold

>>Automobile spare parts selling website for New York based client.Can be seen here

Aug 2017 – Sep 2017

Project Description

A high traffic travel website is being developed by me with various features to assist in selling automobile spare parts

>>Developed high traffic Travel website for Singapore based client
See project

March 2017 – Sep 2017

Project description

A high traffic travel website has been developed by me with various features to assist in travel booking

>>Developed Client Portal enabling processing of Scientific Datasets
See project

Nov 2016 – Nov 2016

Project description

This is a client portal project for the actual website for processing scientific datasets for the mentioned client.It has been designed and developed by me(Arunesh dutta) and Himanshu yadav.I and my co-developer were involved in managing the system setup over LINUX UBUNTU and then developing the respective web application with the features

>>Blood Donors Database

May 2014 – May 2014

Project description

This is a web based project to help the person in need by providing the required
information of donors in the emergency situation, the web application is capable
enough to show records of donors who are active currently and sorts the
displayed records on the basis of nearest location. The project is built using
PHP, HTML ,CSS and back end MYSQL

>>Designed Prototype Mobile App for a facebook page – ‘Safe Raipur’

Feb 2014 – Feb 2014

Project description

Designed an App a prototype model which can be installed on both Windows Phone and Android OS to facilitate the user reach the page in facebook without searching for the respective page after his login.The main aim of page is to help flow of information between common public and the police of Chhatttisgarh and enable them to participate in creating safe and secure environment in Raipur city

>>SMS Alert System

Mar 2011 – Mar 2011

Project description

Developed a SMS alert system for community using SMS server.I used GSM Modem and HTTP SMS connectivity to intimate the concern people with alerts related to happenings like meetings.Even the concept was used by me to develop project which could forward incoming mails and send them through SMS to the desired person

>>Deployed audio streaming server

May 2008 – May 2008

Project description

Enables to broadcast live/recorded audio to a group of people over the Internet. The feeds can either be received over the PC or any portable device like the Smartphone

>>Deplyoed VOIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol) using asterisk

Mar 2007 – Mar 2007

Project description

This project helped groups of people at different locations to establish communication over the private voice channel


  • E-Fax-Mail Fax Documents to be routed to fax server
  • Live audio/video stream-Stream Live audio/video
  • Email2SMS and SMS2Email-Recieve SMS alerts of EMAIL and send Email
    through SMS
  • Configure Proxy Server-Configure Proxy Server Using Web Browser
  • Cam Surveillance-Deployed service enabling viewing Live Cam Feeds Through Website in a grid using customized open source solution
  • Emergency SMS-Send Critical High Priority SMS using LM/BZ gateway